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Pipeline: Anime-Transfer


The pipeline is used to animate images. It uses the AnimeGanV2 to cartoonize the images.


Input Arguments:

  • source
    • image soure for input image, defauts to 'upload', you can also switch to 'webcam'.
    • supported types: str

Pipeline Output: The pipeline returns a tuple Tuple[('imp_path', str)] containing following fields:

  • img_path:
    • The input image path
    • data type: str

How to use

  1. Install Towhee
$ pip3 install towhee

You can refer to Getting Started with Towhee for more details. If you have any questions, you can submit an issue to the towhee repository.

  1. Run it with Towhee
>>> from towhee import pipeline
>>> embedding_pipeline = pipeline('towhee/anime-transfer')
>>> embedding = embedding_pipeline('webcam') # The way users upload image, default being 'upload'.
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